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Silkeborg Twist a Twill Light Grey

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Merino Wool Plaid
This blanket is made of 100% Merino wool from sheep, who grass in South Africa. A merino sheep is bred for its fine and soft wool, and its wool is therefore suitable for use in a plaid. This Twist a Twill plaid is made in beautiful geometric patterns, so you can create life and joy in your living room. The diagonal pattern in the fabric created by weaving method Twill, as the name of the plaid also is made from.
Colour: Ocean Grey and natural white (white with undertones of sand)
Dimensions: 130 X 190 cm (including fringes)
Geometric Pattern
Material: 100% merinould from sheep in South Africa
Fiber: 25.5 microns
Further information
Series: Twist a Twill
Brand: Silkeborg Uldspinderi (by Tina Ratzer)
Wash Details
Machine washable on wool program.
In the case of washing it is important to spin softly
During drying it must hang loose over a tripod.
Avoid drying lines and clamps.

Shippable in between of 1 - 3 working days. Delivery and Payment